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Civility Coming To Comments Section?


Many of us are simply worn out with the battles taking place in comments sections across social media. We’re all for a healthy debate, but – as community managers – when debates turn to bullying we have to know how to moderate the conversation. YouTube is the platform stealing the show for us this week, making our jobs – and the jobs of its creators – far simpler with the release of new tools that will help identify inappropriate comments and allow creators to review (with the hope of cleaning up abusive conversations).

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Social CRM: Generating Revenue Through Social Channels


Last week at DMA’s 2016 &THEN conference, we had the opportunity to share how the Social.Lab team at Ogilvy uses the principles of Social CRM to engage potential customers throughout the customer journey and ultimately to a transaction

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Why your next B2B campaign needs video

OgilvyOne B2B online video

B2B brands are beginning to realize the impact the right video can have, not only in the short term but longer term, to their brand as a whole.

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Instagram Stories: 5 Implications for Brands

OgilvyOne social selling

Instagram just launched a Snapchat-style feature called Stories. What does this mean for marketers and brands? Here are our five important tips.

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Creating Value For Influencers And Brands

Influencer Marketing OgilvyOne

Successful digital influencer work is based on building deep relationships that matter.

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How to Partner with a YouTube Creator

OgilvyOne YouTube Creators

At this year’s VidCon, many conversations focused on how brands can work with a YouTube Creator. Here’s how.

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Should Marketers Focus On Snapchat?

OgilvyOne SnapChat

Snapchat for advertising: it’s good, but it’s not great.

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VidCon 2016: Best Practices for Brands

OgilvyOne VidCon

Key takeaways for brands from VidCon 2016

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The Challenges of Merging Technology and Creativity

OgilvyOne creative technology

What are the challenges and opportunities of producing creative in a world driven by rapid advancements in technology?

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Marketing in the age of disruptors

OgilvyOne The Customer Agency

Key insights from “Connect. The Ogilvy Telco Conference.”

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