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The Supermarket of the Future


In this world of disruption and change and technology, not much has really changed about supermarkets. But a new age that leverages technology and modern digital shopping behaviors may be forthcoming.

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Engaging the new retail consumer


When it comes to retail, consumer needs haven’t changed, their expectations have.

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How Mobile Trends Impact Marketers


The latest mobile trends and their wide-ranging impact to marketers across a number of industries.

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Top 5 Advertising and Technology Trends for 2015


At the recent #Trends2015, hosted by the Canadian Technology Accelerator and featuring a range of perspectives from startups, enterprises, media and agencies, they predicted some of the technology trends to watch for next year. Here are a few.

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How to Create Meaningful, Impactful Mobile Platforms


The key to successful mobile platforms is simplicity and focus.

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Making Continuous Commerce into “Intimate Commerce”


In a world where shopping is no longer isolated to a particular channel, a brand’s ability to build relationships with consumers through personal interactions at every step of the buying journey is crucial to their success.

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Mind the gap: Mobile and in-store commerce should have the same standards


If your in-store and digital experiences don’t align, your Continuous Commerce™ strategy may fall short.

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Making the most of mobile in B2B

With so much attention focused on mobile opportunities in the consumer space, Julie Renwick, Executive Director of Mobile, OgilvyOne Worldwide, is instead shining a light on mobile opportunities for B2B marketers. In this presentation, Julie outlines six key pointers for

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How to launch your App on a shoestring budget

By now it’s clear that mobile apps  “if executed well” can help brands sell more. Target’s mCommerce app helps the retailer generate revenue from on-the-go shoppers. Popular gaming app Draw Something generates revenue through micro-purchases and upgrades. And Time Warner

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13 eCOMMERCE STATS FOR WHICH RETAILERS CAN BE THANKFUL We’re thrilled at the huge increases reported in online retail for the 2011 Thanksgiving Weekend. Retailers traditionally count on this holiday weekend to lift their sales numbers and put them in

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