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Mind the gap: Mobile and in-store commerce should have the same standards


If your in-store and digital experiences don’t align, your Continuous Commerce™ strategy may fall short.

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The Rise of the Digital Technologist


“If it’s something important, get a colleague to improve it.” That’s one of the 10 writing tips that David Ogilvy shared in an internal memo sent to all of his employees in 1982. That’s solid advice, no doubt, but today

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A Lesson in Social Data for Brands: Expression vs. Intention


This article was originally published on Social Data is an amazing source of consumer expressions that allows brands to draw audience insights, measure campaign effectiveness, respond in real time, create engagement platforms and profile their customers. The process of

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The Birth of Transmedia


Doug Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment and Matt Doherty, Transmedia Architect, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide presented The End of TV as We Know It & The Birth of Transmedia at the 21st Century Storytelling Conference: Content, Context and Conversations sponsored by Microsoft,

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Wanted: Strategic digital marketers


While it’s surprising to see senior digital marketer as the fifth hardest role to fill in the country, it’s easy to see indicators that demonstrate this. The impact the internet has had over the last decade has been enormous and

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How to leverage social gifting for your brand


As the adoption of Facebook and other social media matures, a new crop of companies have developed that leverage the social graph to mine data in a way that can increase the viral ability of a product, and increase the

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The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement with Digital Consumers.

Brandon Berger, Ogilvy & Mather Chief Digital Officer Worldwide, presented The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement with Today’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday’s Digital Consumers at the Consumer Engagement Technology World (CETW) conference in San Francisco on Thursday, March 29th. What we think we

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Consumer behavior and the multiple-screen experience

Most March traditions involve basketball or bagpipes, but for me the third month of the year brings the promise of another pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for the SXSW conference; its unique blend of interactive, film and music content makes for

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Leveraging Media, Data and Technology

As someone who has operated in the media advertising landscape for several years, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that as a community we love an acronym. We live at such a fast pace as media folk; we don’t

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Are Daily Deals Worth It For Marketers?

Bad backs (and lazy gym habits) run in my family and the pain usually requires more attention than just your average rub down. After months of stress and poor posture, I was able to find relief under the miraculous hands

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