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Retail success with male customers

The modern man has retail preferences—and strong ones.

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Falling in Love with Artificial Intelligence

The more personal we get, the more we build relationships with customers that can withstand the test of time.

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Show me the money: how engaging content can directly drive revenue

Real-time marketing is much more than being able to lob a speedy cultural retort.

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Proving Marketing’s Contribution to the Bottom Line

These five steps help CMOs quantify marketing’s contribution to the bottom line and demonstrate how marketing works.

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Getting Analytical About The Future

Sexy Little Numbers author Dimitri Maex on the changing role of data in advertising – and why it really isn’t that scary

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Data & Storytelling

Smart storytelling, with a built-in reason to engage and an understanding of what people want to hear, is hugely important. Dimitri Maex talks about how in this world full of data, marketers can be extremely smart about how to use this data to make more relevant content.

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