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Is the clock running out on your most seasoned sales knowledge?

Sales is about more than knowing one set of consumers and what’s important to them. It’s about knowing individual customers.

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13 eCOMMERCE STATS FOR WHICH RETAILERS CAN BE THANKFUL We’re thrilled at the huge increases reported in online retail for the 2011 Thanksgiving Weekend. Retailers traditionally count on this holiday weekend to lift their sales numbers and put them in

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The Online Video Landscape

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A Google +1 Tutorial

How To Set Up Google +1 Google just launched a new feature that has turned the search game into a social experience. And, once again, they’ve innovated their product to stay on top of the search game. The Google +1

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Bridging the “social media adoption gap”

OgilvyOne Worldwide today launched a new offering, “Social Selling,” to help companies drive top-line growth through the use of social media, following new research that reveals a “social media adoption gap” exists between salespeople and sales organizations. “Our research has

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Approaching a Tipping Point for Mobile Social Media in the First Internet Wired Town

OgilvyOne visits the first Internet wired town of Blacksburg, Virginia, to see the future of social media, particularly geo-local services like Foursquare.

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DMA 2010 Attendee Resources

Thanks for coming to our session today at the 2010 DMA’s! Like we said in our presentation, ‘Selling has changed, because Buyers have changed.’ We’ll be churning out a bunch of new content and uploading more of our interviews with

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Social Media Users Buy Differently

Word of mouth isn’t something new -it’s been around since the Charlie the Caveman (actual name) told his neighbor in the cave two mountains over where to find the best hunting ground. What is different? Just how easy it is

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