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Understanding Artificial Intelligence


AI is only going to become a more integrated part of our lives, and cognitive tools are increasingly part of IBM’s offerings. While this will no doubt change our lives, technology always does.

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Will voice services like Amazon’s Alexa really rise as fast as predicted?


People are using voice services a lot more than they did. But is there a limit on how big they can get? Yes. There are a lot of situations when people don’t want to use voice controls. People don’t want to talk to computers, when they are in front of other people. This is why live chat on websites works well – it allows people to do personal business while at work.

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Why bots are like email – but better


Bots are suddenly getting a lot of attention, with the Microsoft CEO saying that they are the new apps.

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Key Digital Trends for 2017


The official Ogilvy Key Digital Trends for 2017. A yearly trend report outlining both where we believe the digital and social landscape is headed and what brands and agency partners should do about it.

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Key Success Factors of VR – So Far


When Virtual Reality became a hot topic a few years ago, the key success factor for the head-mounted medium was its adoption – a lot of talk and no user base kept many businesses from stepping into the space. Well, the Vive, Rift, and PSVR, hit the market this year. 2016 will be VR’s first “billion-dollar year” and Goldman Sachs, among others, predict VR to be an $80 billion industry by 2025. What’s more interesting is 70% of the revenue in 2016 is from hardware alone. The market is equipped and growing at an alarming rate – now it’s time to give them what they came here for: content.

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Future Of Brands: How Companies Evolve


The pace of technology adoption and its widespread use is dramatically different than a decade ago. As a millennial, I’ve seen first hand at how my use of adopting the latest or even the more mainstream technologies, has led me

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Beating Algorithms is a Literal Game


It’s no secret that our digital experiences are defined by algorithms. From search results and Facebook newsfeeds to YouTube video suggestions and junk mail folders, algorithmic codes elevate, deprecate, coordinate and regulate content for us everyday. We rarely know the

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Aligning Your People with Your Brand


In today’s digital world, most marketing initiatives forget to include a very important channel in their communications strategy: the human channel. I’m talking specifically about the people who sit within the four walls of your company. Your human channel is

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Outside-In: Beginning digital transformation through customer research


Most enterprises today recognize that embracing digital transformation is now essential for success. What was once seen as a trend, is now what’s required for organizations to survive in today’s experience economy. However, the journey to transformation is a complicated

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How to Market with New Technology

OgilvyOne Digital Technology

New technology can prove very tempting for marketers, but take caution before proceeding!

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