How Mobile Experiences Spark Brand Loyalty


Which do you like best: surprise or delight? We think you should have both. That’s why Bottle Rocket creates mobile experiences that surprise and delight users.

For brands, surprise and delight are where mobile loyalty begins. Bottle Rocket’s Mark McKinney (VP, Client Development) and Michael Griffith (VP, User Experience) recently explored how surprise and delight impact customers living a mobile lifestyle in “Mobile Loyalty: Surprise!”

Mobile Surprise to Mobile Loyalty

In the report, Michael and Mark address why the surprise and delight tactic is so powerful: “Why aren’t more brands using it to build loyalty and brand love? Simple. They don’t interact with their customers regularly, and when they do, they focus on transacting. Also, they are unsure what action might have even a small bit of delight for any individual customer.”

Brands can avoid pushing transactions by developing an emotional connection with customers instead. Imagine the delight of receiving a free cup of coffee when you enter a grocery store in the morning. With mobile technology, brands can deliver contextual experiences based on location, time, or physical activity. We feel good when we’re met with what we want when we want it (without asking). The right app, developed for this kind of frictionless mobile experience does more than surprise and delight customers in a moment; it will keep them coming back.

Brands can guide the natural process of reacting to surprise. Once we understand the moment of surprise, we’re compelled to share our experience. A smartphone provides the means to immediately share every moment in our lives—why not develop a mobile loyalty app that facilitates sharing?

These are just a few examples of mobile devices providing a complete brand experience, from surprise and delight to cultivating brand loyalty. The power brands can harness is literally in their hands.

To learn more about mobile loyalty, download the full copy of “Mobile Loyalty: Surprise!” here.

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