Understanding Artificial Intelligence


Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gets a bad rap: along with time travel and secret evil twins, it’s responsible for most science fiction movie disasters.

But what does artificial intelligence really look like? In this installment of The Leopard B2B Lounge, account directors Karen Cantey and Clark Vander Broek join strategist Steve Mudd to discuss what AI means to them—both their dreams of having a “smart” personal assistant and why fears around such technologies are misguided. After attending IBM’s World of Watson, they have new perspectives on how AI can enhance all of our lives, including how we do business, fight cancer, manage time and even make music.

AI is only going to become a more integrated part of our lives, and cognitive tools are increasingly part of IBM’s offerings.  While this will no doubt change our lives, technology always does.

The discussion also includes some insider insights about what to expect from a premier IBM event: napping robots, keynote speakers from outside of the business world, such as Thomas Friedman, and A-list guests like Grover from Sesame Street. Join them for a lively conversation about a future where our tools can think, reason and learn to enhance human expertise and the human experience.

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Leopard B2B Lounge: Understanding AI

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