Data drives competitive advantage for pharma companies

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Written by Kate Kaye

Like CPG brands, drug makers have little insight into who buys their medications and how the drugs are taken. “For an industry as large and far-reaching as pharma, it has surprisingly little tie-in to their users,” said Mark Seeger, director of Ogilvy Innovations Worldwide.

Data could be the key to changing that.

Thousands of digitized pill packages are floating around North America, Europe and Asia as part of a trial involving multiple pharmaceutical clients working with Ogilvy’s Innovations Worldwide unit. The Ogilvy team of product designers and engineers devised a cost-efficient digital screen similar to Amazon’s Kindle, for use on prescription-drug boxes. While the screens serve as a “communications portal” for product information that can be updated, the ability to gather data on drug usage “is the other motivation for them to do it,” said Mr. Seeger. “They get data on every single patient on how compliant they are, which is recorded historically.” The technology could give pharma firms a more direct line to patients, he said.

Knowing more about whether patients take pills properly, or at all gives physicians important insights and could offer incentives for prescribing a data-enhanced drug over a competitor’s.

This is an excerpt. Find the full article at

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