Sexy Little Numbers: 50 Shades of Data

Some people think that data is a dirty word. We absolutely disagree. We think numbers are sexy.

Check out this video, the second in a three part series, to promote the launch of Sexy Little Numbers, a new book by Dimitri Maex, Managing Director of OgilvyOne New York:

Sexy Little Numbers shows you how you can grow your business using the data you already have. Each page is filled with real world examples and actionable advice for companies and marketers striving to find and reach the most profitable customers and get the biggest ROI on their advertising dollars.

Sexy Little Numbers will interest small business owners eager to grow faster and leaner, R&D teams seeking to create new products or services, customer service pros who want to know which buyers are the most valuable, finance execs responsible for growing the bottom line, and creatives looking for news ways to increase their output.

Mish Fletcher has been Worldwide Marketing Director of OgilvyOne Worldwide for 10 years. She has had a front row seat to the transformation of the communications landscape. Mish leads the creation and implementation of global marketing initiatives to grow OgilvyOne's business in both revenue and reputation.  

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