Viral is a Dirty Word: Strategic Video Success

Why challenge a word that has become one of the most common terms in digital marketing? The reasons are plenty.

No word in the interactive marketing lexicon derails strategic thinking quite as effectively as “viral.” Everyone wants their video to go viral, but the fantasy of millions of people discovering a video for free (without media, PR and search strategies) leads to disappointment and disillusion.

Few videos ever go viral, and fewer actually need to. Good interactive video strategies don’t just rely upon massive numbers of views. From VSEO (video search engine optimization) to interactive engagement, video offers opportunities that go far beyond the limitations of viral TV2.0 strategies. Engagement and meaningful KPI’s increase the value of video to global companies as well as neighborhood cake shops – regardless of any viral impact. Optimizing your video strategy means pulling the levers that matter most: sometimes that is viral, but more often it is a whole different kind of planning.

The 5 Step Antiviral Program is designed to help marketers look past the hype of the viral world and take into account the many varied video strategies available to companies look to drive leads or demand.

1. Have A Plan

a) Do you know your audience’s trigger events?

b) Do you understand how exactly they use search?

2. Creative In Context

a) Does this have to cost a million dollars (no).

b) Can my cousin shoot it on his smart phone (no)

3. Optimize First

a) How do you optimize a video? It is not like a webpage where you can do it after the fact, is it?

4. Distribute & Promote

a) No video gets traffic just from being “good.”

b) All videos need distribution and some level of promotion.

5. Measure What Matters

a) The media tells us to worry about Volume Metrics (how many, how long) but we know to focus on Business Metrics (leads, new customers, sales) because that’s where the future profit is

Download the deck on Slideshare via the following link or view it in the player below.

Viral is a Dirty Word

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Rob Davis Executive Director, Content and Social at OgilvyOne in New York. He is a veteran digital executive with a 20-year track record of bringing interactive strategies to market for top consumer, business and media brands. As a visionary whose career has evolved along with the digital industry itself, Rob’s keen sense of understanding “what’s next” keeps him consistently ahead of the curve. Best known for his expertise in video and content marketing, Rob has been an innovator in large-scale content development, social TV, demand generation marketing and customer engagement via content.

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