The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement with Digital Consumers.

Brandon Berger, Ogilvy & Mather Chief Digital Officer Worldwide, presented The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement with Today’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday’s Digital Consumers at the Consumer Engagement Technology World (CETW) conference in San Francisco on Thursday, March 29th.

What we think we know about digital consumer behavior tomorrow is already yesterday’s news, today. Today’s digital consumers are always evolving and living by a set of rules that they make. There is no longer a single framework to attract consumers. Instead, we need to develop a not-so-standard approach to engage our audiences. The Not-So-Standard Rules of Engagement with Today’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday’s Digital Consumers is a series of themes that gives brands the leading edge in digital engagement while co-evolving with consumers as the next round of app updates enters their queue.

The themes uncovered within the keynote will remain with us moving forward. It’s the ideas that change along the way. The takeaway? We need to be engaging our consumers and audiences with big ideas that inform technology and digital, not the other way around. Technology is only the enabler.

Download the deck on Slideshare via the following link or view the presentation in the player below.

About Brandon Berger, Ogilvy & Mather Chief Digital Officer Worldwide
Brandon is the Chief Digital Officer for Ogilvy & Mather, where he is responsible for leading the global digital resources across the network. In his role at Ogilvy, Brandon teams with the leaders of Ogilvy’s global digital practices, which span all the company’s operating companies. He is responsible both for offer development and for bringing the offer to clients. Outside of Ogilvy, Brandon serves as an advisor and board member to multiple venture funds, digital media and technology companies. He is also one of the founders of Boulder Digital Works.

About Consumer Engagement Technology World (CETW)
For 15 years, Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW), featuring KioskCom and The Digital Signage Show, has delivered strategic, marketing and technical business solutions for organizations focused on enhancing their customer engagement programs through digital media such as kiosks, digital signage, self-service, digital out-of-home/place based media, mobile technologies and other customer-facing technologies.

Matt Doherty is the Associate Director of Creative and Global Strategy at OgilvyOne Worldwide New York.

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