Pinterest for Brands

The #1 driver of consumer purchases is word of mouth recommendations from friends, and Pinterest holds the power to drive authentic “word of eye” recommendations in a way that is changing the landscape of social commerce. The landing page for Pinterest is an endless visual stream of subtle product recommendations from the very people who influence your purchasing decisions, friends and strangers with good taste. This means that there is a big opportunity for your brand and its products to be seen by Pinterest’s 11.7 million unique monthly users.

Ultimately, it’s for your brand to decide whether Pinterest is the right platform to engage consumers. And in some cases, it might just be plain ridiculous to start a Pinterest page. But if you decide to cross the Pinterest threshold, the following POV can be used to help you get started, offer best practices, and lend some tips and insights around engaging the Pinterest community.

Click the following link to download on Slideshare or view the presentation below.


John Bell is the Global Managing Director of the 360° Digital Influence team at Ogilvy.

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