Facebook Timeline: From Migration to Adoption

At their first ever Facebook Marketers Conference in New York City, Facebook announced the roll out of Timeline for brands. And the corresponding big headline, as expected, was, “Brands are multimedia storytellers!”

But, there’s much more to it. The brand world will soon be divided into those who fully “adopt” Timeline, and those who simply “migrate” their old strategy and ways of working to the new feature set. Brands looking to adopt must consider and prepare for the hidden implications of Timeline reallocation of resources, increased creative involvement, a reset of content process, the new profile of community managers and more.

Check out the SlideShare below for a summary of the Pages changes and the hidden implications of Facebook Timeline for brands, prepared by Kaitlyn Wilkins, EAME Regional Director, Social@Ogilvy.



John Bell is the Global Managing Director of the 360° Digital Influence team at Ogilvy.

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