Highway to Hell or Stairway to Heaven?

OgilvyOne Worldwide Chairman & CEO, Brian Fetherstonhaugh, explains how one-off unconnected digital projects can lead marketers down a “Highway to Hell” and instead advocates a distinctive “Stairway to Heaven” solution.

“It’s a different approach where your actions today lead you to a better tomorrow. You build something that matters and something that lasts. Here’s what it takes.

  • A different mindset -one that is more holistic and customer-centric.
  • A deliberate pathway – a goal with broad phases that can be anticipated from the outset.
  • It consciously builds around platform choices – brand platforms and technology platforms that have a chance to endure.
  • And it relies on the discipline of continuous testing and a business case for Marketing ROI. “

Click here to view the presentation or download a PDF from SlideShare.

Brian Fetherstonhaugh is Chairman and CEO for OgilvyOne Worldwide. Brian has a unique vantage point on how brands are built, how corporate cultures are created, and what happens as the world goes digital. In the course of the past 25 years, Brian has worked hands-on with many of the world’s leading brands, including IBM, American Express, Coca-Cola, IKEA, Unilever, and Nestlé. His book "The Long View: Career Strategies to Start Strong, Reach High and Go Far" will be published by Diversion Books in September 2016.

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