Selling In The 21st Century

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Imagine that only 5 years ago the following were never a part of the public lexicon:

  • Tweeting,
  • Status Updates,
  • Fan Pages,
  • MeetUps,
  • Geo-Tagging,
  • ‘Share’, ‘Like’, ‘Follow Me’
  • Etc.

Technology and the internet have quickly changed the selling landscape. Now, the company or professional that doesn’t do one or all of the above is missing out. Missing out on the chance to engage their customers. Missing out on the chance to have their message spread like a wildfire. And, most importantly, missing out on exactly what their customers or prospects are thinking and saying while safely tucked away in anonymity on the web.

Do you have to Tweet? Of course, not.

But it’s an opportunity to see how people are interacting around a particular topic. You can set up filters or notifications to see an entire stream of information appear before your eyes. Not only will you see who is saying what, but more importantly you’ll uncover the exact words or phrases prospects use to describe their problems or troubles. The smart business or sales professional would take those words and sprinkle them in their marketing materials or sales presentations. Causing the prospect to say, “It’s like he knows what I’m thinking!”, or “That’s what I was telling my friend Amy the other day.”

There’s a famous line from copywriting great Robert Collier, “Enter the conversation going on in the mind of the prospect.” Well my friend—the conversation is at your fingertips right now! Tap into it and Twitter will no longer look like a place where people hang out that have nothing to do, but a golden opportunity to understand your customers far more deeply.

Because we know really bright people are probably reading this (yes that’s shameless flattery, but it always seems to work :) ) – what companies do you think are using Facebook or Twitter the best?

Let us know below.

Todd Herman, is the winner of OgilvyOne’s “Search For The World’s Greatest Salesperson” contest. He owns several businesses, trains Professional and Olympic athletes on developing mental toughness and consults with CEO’s and Entrepreneurs on developing high-performing organizations. You can find him at The Peak Athlete.

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