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How to Create Meaningful, Impactful Mobile Platforms


The key to successful mobile platforms is simplicity and focus.

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Making the most of mobile in B2B

With so much attention focused on mobile opportunities in the consumer space, Julie Renwick, Executive Director of Mobile, OgilvyOne Worldwide, is instead shining a light on mobile opportunities for B2B marketers. In this presentation, Julie outlines six key pointers for

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New mobile tactics for reaching holiday shoppers

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall with open arms, it could only mean one thing – the holiday season is right around the corner! It’s that time when marketers and retailers may be looking for innovative and

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Creating a Competitive Advantage through Performance Marketing

It would be great if marketers had a giant pause button they could press in order to contemplate the dramatic behavioral shifts that have occurred with their customers, along with the constant evolution of technology. Well that button doesn’t exist.

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Beyond the text: the societal impact of Mobile Marketing

“Welcome to the MLOVE ConFestival – a mixture between TED conference and the Burning Man.” “The positive future of society depends on the balance between humanity, technology and commerce.” The advertising for this unique three day event in a small

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