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Consumer behavior and the multiple-screen experience

Most March traditions involve basketball or bagpipes, but for me the third month of the year brings the promise of another pilgrimage to Austin, Texas for the SXSW conference; its unique blend of interactive, film and music content makes for

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Leveraging Media, Data and Technology

As someone who has operated in the media advertising landscape for several years, if there’s one thing I know, it’s that as a community we love an acronym. We live at such a fast pace as media folk; we don’t

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Are Daily Deals Worth It For Marketers?

Bad backs (and lazy gym habits) run in my family and the pain usually requires more attention than just your average rub down. After months of stress and poor posture, I was able to find relief under the miraculous hands

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The changing consumer mindset


In the last few years there has been a behavioral change among people due to the ever-increasing, widely available and socially-charged technology tools. Whether it be through social media sites, mobile phone apps, personal computers or tablets, people are connected

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13 eCOMMERCE STATS FOR WHICH RETAILERS CAN BE THANKFUL We’re thrilled at the huge increases reported in online retail for the 2011 Thanksgiving Weekend. Retailers traditionally count on this holiday weekend to lift their sales numbers and put them in

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Does Social Media Exposure Increase Sales?

Is exposure to social content – on online social sites like Facebook and Twitter – effective in rapidly shaping brand perceptions or driving sales? To help answer this question, Ogilvy and ChatThreads enlisted approximately 400 US restaurant consumers who tracked

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Shopper Digital Ubiquity

Speaking at a Shopper Marketing conference in Prague a few weeks ago, I experienced one of those moments that only comes along from time to time in one’s working life, one of those moments when you think “hang on, we

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Taking Video Engagement Beyond the Viral View

  Content Strategy, Search, Production Meets Clients’ Expanding Needs   With digital video emerging as the fastest growing form of interactive content being distributed and consumed online, Ogilvy & Mather has formally launched a specialty video practice, a unit that

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The B2B Buyer Journey Is a Social One

The buyer journey begins earlier and earlier. Even before a buyer knows they will be a “buyer” they are researching a need via Google, reading what their peers are struggling with, and forming ideas for how to overcome problems or

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Follow in your customers’ digital footprints

Research Online and Buy Online or Offline (ROBO) – Growing importance of digital data in analytical targeting tools It is estimated that 89% of US consumers started shopping online during last year’s Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Also, the number of

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