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7 Deadly Sins of Selling

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Here’s a look at the negative perceptions that can kill sales, and a few tips for remedy.

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Content: Marketing of Tomorrow


Making content central to marketing, and always putting the customer first, will be critical for marketers’ success this year.

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Build Your Audience, Build Customer Engagement

3D Audience

If Brands build their audience the benefits pay off with increased brand relevancy and deep customer engagement.

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Why Brands Must Think Like Software Companies

internet of things

We looked beyond our changing relationship with data to examine how companies will need to fundamentally rethink how they operate.

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Providing the Right Content to Your Customers


Making sure we understand our consumers, and are able to provide the right content at the right time is absolutely fundamental to the modern principles of marketing.

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How To Get Started On Individualized Marketing

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Shouldn’t all marketing be relevant? Brands have access to more data than ever, especially in digital, so there is increasing potential to create more personalized experiences.

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Mind the gap: Mobile and in-store commerce should have the same standards


If your in-store and digital experiences don’t align, your Continuous Commerce™ strategy may fall short.

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The Rise of the Digital Technologist


“If it’s something important, get a colleague to improve it.” That’s one of the 10 writing tips that David Ogilvy shared in an internal memo sent to all of his employees in 1982. That’s solid advice, no doubt, but today

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A Lesson in Social Data for Brands: Expression vs. Intention


This article was originally published on Social Data is an amazing source of consumer expressions that allows brands to draw audience insights, measure campaign effectiveness, respond in real time, create engagement platforms and profile their customers. The process of

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The Birth of Transmedia


Doug Scott, President, OgilvyEntertainment and Matt Doherty, Transmedia Architect, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide presented The End of TV as We Know It & The Birth of Transmedia at the 21st Century Storytelling Conference: Content, Context and Conversations sponsored by Microsoft,

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